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2011.02.20 Sun 本日のディベート報告

Dear FDS participants,


Thank you for the excellent debates on the new resolution:
Japan should promote sales of genetically modified foods.
The debaters today including a high school first-timer argued
about crucial issues of genetically modified foods below:

Round 1 (revised points)
Aff. Rehabilitation of aging agriculture
Neg. Promoting mass starvation in the world
Round 2
Aff. Contributiing to world peace with the food like 'golden rice'
Neg. Adverse health effects by toxic substances & inadequate safety regulations

The issues we had brainstormed before the rounds are as follows:

* world food security * improvements in agriculture * hay fever
prevention * aiding the economic recovery, etc.

* safety of GMFs * health risks of GMFs * environmental hazards
* hindering developments in biotechnology, etc.

ps. As for the next meeting, I'll inform soon.

鎌田 Kamada (080-5219-0673) / fukuokadebatekamada@ezweb.ne.jp