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2011.08.21 Sun Next Practice Debate on 11 Sept.


Dear FDS participants,

次回例会のご案内(The next meeting will be held as follows)

開催日:9月11日(DATE: Sunday, 11 September)
時間帯: 午後2時半〜6時半(TIme: 14:30 to 18:30)
会場:学生交流会館4階、和室(VENUE: Japanese room, 4th fl. Gakusei-koryukaikan.
*It is near Reizen Koen in Nakasu Kawabata.
RESOLUTION: Japan should abandon nuclear power generations.
内容:日本語ディベート2試合 *肯定/否定両方サイドを討論(Two debates in Japanese)
準備:賛否の論点を考えて来て下さい。(PREPARATION: To ponder on Good points (Aff.side) Disadvantages (Neg. side))

Looking forward to the debating!

Kamada (080-5219-0673) / fukuokadebatekamada@ezweb.ne.jp

Report of the Last Meeting

Hello! FDS Members,

Thank you for debating the capital city of Kyushu government.
The arguments from both sides were as follows:

Resolved: The capital city of Kyushu government should be Fukuoka city.
Aff. 1. Revitalize economy of Kyushu.
2. Improve lives of people in Kyushu.
Neg. 1. Give too much concentration of power to Fukuoka city.
2. Increase risk of causing catastrophic damage in Kyushu.