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2011.11.20 Sun Report of Debating

Dear participants,

Thank you for debating the pros and cons of nuclear power generation.
The points of sides are as follows:

Affirmative: 1. Radioactive contamination 2. Huge financial burden
Negative: 1. Economic recession 2. Abandoning disposal of radioactive waste

The next debate practice meeting will be held as follows:
(The location may be change to the other venue.)

開催日:11月27日(日)(DATE: Sunday, 27 November)
時間帯: 午後1時〜5時 *時間厳守 (Time: 13:00 to 17:00 *Be on time please!)
会場:福岡学生会館 4階(Location: 4th fl. Fukuoka Gakusei Kaikan)
   (中州川端冷泉公園すぐ傍; It's near Reizenkoen in Nakasukawabata)
RESOLUTION: Japan should abandon nuclear power generation.
内容:英語ディベート2試合(PROGRAM: Two debates in English)
準備:賛否の立論を考えて来て下さい。(PREPARATION: To ponder on Good points (Aff.side)
Disadvantages (Neg. side))
初めて、御無沙汰の方も、お気軽にご参加下さい。Please feel free to join us!
CONTACT: Kamada (080-5219-0673) / fukuokadebatekamada@ezweb.ne.jp