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2012.03.14 Wed 報告と次回4月8日ディベート例会

Dear FDS participants,

Thank you for a brilliant public debate over the policy
issues of TPP on March 11. All the debaters argued with
each other bravely and uniquely in front of a couple of
professors of communications and teachers in English.
I hope more debaters will have a public debate experience
in English like today's exhibition debate. お疲れ様でした。

次回例会案内: The next FDS meeting will be held as follows:

開催日:4月8日(土)花祭 (DATE: Sun. Apr. 8, Buddha's Birthday)

時間帯: 午後1時〜6時 (Time: 13:00 to 18:00. *Be on time please!)

会場:福岡学生会館4階、OA室 (PLACE: OA room, 4fl. Fukuoka-Gakuseikaikan)
*中州川端の冷泉公園傍 (Near Reizenkoen in Nakasukawabata)

RESOLUTION: Japan should shift the start of university academic year
from spring to fall (tentative)

PROGRAM: 1. Brainsorm the issues, 2. Debate on the resolution in Japanese,
3. Practice an impromptu debate in English)

準備:賛否の論点を考えて来て下さい。(PREPARATION: To ponder on Good points (Aff. side) & Disadvantages (Neg. side))

参考サイト:References: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Academic_term、

Anyone who is interested in participating are welcome!
Looking forward to debating together!

Kamada (080-5219-0673) / fukuokadebatekamada@ezweb.ne.jp